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Live and video has been popular for a while now and is still becoming increasingly popular among businesses. And there are as many reasons as there are variations of how to use live and video streaming. All of them indirect or direct leading to increased sales. Here are some examples of how your business may benefit from live and video streaming.

Increase your brand awareness

People love watching videos about their favorite brands, services and products. If you have a product or a service that people want to learn more about, then live and video streaming is a great way to get them meet their interest. Best way is to create your own TV-show or series where you talk about a certain topics related to your company or industry. 

Promote your products

The value of using Live and video for selling products are easy to understand. Here you meet you target group and are able to build trust with potential clients. Here you make them feel like they are getting something special  before they purchase your product or service (spice it up with something special for real).

Promote your services

Live and video gives a unique opportunity for businesses also in B2B often offering values that are hard to comprehend. With Live and video you are able to talk about and explain complex matters exemplified from actual events or projects. This helps build trust with potential clients and they will see you as the expert you are.

Get interactive

Live and video gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your audience. You can answer questions, give advice, and provide information about your company, products, services or matters related. This type of interaction enable you actually meet your customers and to build a sense of community.

Engage your customers

Engaging your customers means that you are able to maintain relationship when they are not buying. With Live and video, you can engage with your followers. You can ask them questions, share tips, and show off things related to your business. You can also encourage your followers to join you in real time. This type of engagement creates a sense of community amongst your followers. And you will be in their mind when its time to buy.

Share your story

Another way to use live video streaming is to tell your story. You can talk about what got you started in your business, what inspired you to start your own business, or what challenges you face daily. By sharing your story, you can connect with others who may be facing similar situations. But most important it enables you to build trust and value shaping your brand.

Be creative

Live and video streaming is not just for talking about your business, products or services. You can use it to showcase your creativity. You can make videos showing off your skills, your customers (references), or even teach others how to do something. Or how to do something better. You can also discuss things from the news related to your business – like a Live TV-show or a series of videos. 

Build relationships

One of the best parts of using live and video is that it builds relationships. You can meet new people and develop friendships with those who follow you. You can also help others out by answering questions, giving advice, and teaching them how to do things. You can also contribute by spreading discussing matters that place your business indirect or direct in center. 

Get feedback

You can also use live video streaming to get feedback from your viewers. You can ask them to leave comments, rate your performance, or even give you suggestions for improvement. This type of feedback is invaluable and can help improve your business.



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