Video selling for wholesaler & importer

Reach more clients more often

Online showcasing for increased efficiency!

No expertise required!

Create and share videos for each of your products. Communicate activities and happenings using any of your sources. Then while offering easy live video call, showcasing and ordering just got easier.

    1. Reach more clients more often.
    2. Stay top of the mind at your clients.
    3. Your showcasing is a click away.

“Showcasing through video and video calls – increase efficiency”.

360° showcasing

Show your products

Show products in every angle, inside/ outside with videos recorded via webcam or mobile.

Utilize social media

Utilize the power of social media to spread your self or have the viewers to spread your videos.

Nurture your relations

Send 1-to-1 videos to update clients, show new products, or add value to a contract.

Engage in a video call

Fasten decision process in a live video call for personal showcasing whole assortment!

Report access

Video views


Video calls

Get full access via backend to understand result for for your videos understanding how many viewed your videos. Then also get insight of how many video calls made and how many tried to reach you in a video call.

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360° video selling – your competitive advantage!

Reach more clients more often.

Grab the advantage of 360° video communication and stay top of the mind. Reach more clients more often in person for showcasing your assortment in live video call.

    1. Record and use unlimited amount of videos during whole sales process.
    2. Add your personal value and and stay top of the mind with clients.
    3. Showcase with videos and perform order process in a video call.

“Present your inventory in the most engaging way”.

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