Video selling for contracting business

Increasing your sales and service level

Using video selling being the expert you are.

No expertise required!

Create and share videos to educate your target group on tricky matters within your areas of service and where you bring value. Then while offering easy videocall you put yourself in driver seat with what counts – your personal value.

    1. Take place as an expert within your areas of service.
    2. Stay top of the mind at your clients.
    3. Utilize your personal values in a live video call

“360° business relations for personal value of employees.”

360° business relations – 100% accessibility

Upskill target groups

Utilize the power of social media to spread your self or have the viewers to spread your videos.

Increase efficiency

Utilize video call to “show upon request”. Save time, money and get more satisfied customers.

Utilize social media

Utilize the power of social media to spread your self or have the viewers to spread your videos.

Adding personal value

Add personal value in all your business phases – market, sale & service (internal/ external).

Report access

Video views


Video calls

Get full access via backend to understand result for for your videos understanding how many viewed your videos. Then also get insight of how many video calls made and how many tried to reach you in a video call.

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Impact your sales revenue with savvier service!

Enhanced service means higher customer satisfaction

In any customer service the offer of “can you show me” brings your service level to different level. With live video call you and customer save huge amount of time and perhaps even irritation. And with the inbuilt switchboard your colleagues are only a click away.

    1. You don’t have to drive to customer to just take a peak.
    2. Use switchboard for transfer call to colleagues.
    3. Add personal value with video and video call combined in your proposals & offers.

“You save time, energi and your customers gets satisfied.”.

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