Video selling for Consulting firms

Marketing – Selling – Delivering

Easy adding personal value in all your business phases.

No expertise required!

Record and share personal videos for each of your service. Create engagement illustrating common challenges and show your values within your areas of expertise. Utilize video call for sales, “every day communication” and delivery.

    1. Create engagement in your areas of expertise
    2. Show your values and how to master challenges.
    3. Perform selling and delivering in easy video calls.

“Build and maintain relationship for marketing, selling & delivering”.

360° client communication

Explain your services

Address client challenges and explain your value. Target client, segment or industry.

Utilize social media

Utilize the power of social media to spread your self or have the viewers to spread your videos.

Create you own vlogg.

Educate and amuse via your own floating videologg with new videos continuously.

Delivery in video call

Speed dating, sales talk, online delivery, as complement to IRL – you decide!

Report access

Video views


Video calls

Get full access via backend to understand result for for your videos understanding how many viewed your videos. Then also get insight of how many video calls made and how many tried to reach you in a video call.

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Our platform – your competence at hand.

When your personal value comes first

Grab the advantage of 360° video communication and stay top of the mind. Add personal video to any communication source and always be one click away for delivering your services and competence.

    1. Record and use unlimited amount of videos during whole sales process.
    2. Use video call to sell your competence – one click away on any source.
    3. Use video call to deliver your competence – one click away on any source.
    4. Get paid for your competence – set price for your video call.

“Get paid for your competence – also in a video call”.

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