Video ads platform

Profitable advertising system!

Video ad self service platform

Easy handle for both advertiser and publication.

With Byebuy video ads on your publication you take back the initiative from the biggest actors for advertising. Enabling Byebuy videoads means that you will have a highly competitive offer.

    1. Listing of individual ads – for video
    2. Display filtering – categorized ads
    3. Additional option – video call direct

“A video says more than 60.000 words!”.

Local video ads

The Byebye local video ads are targeting smaller companies. The key word is local connections and operations. With Byebuy video ads they are able to meet audience in their own neighborhood.

Expert video ads

With Byebuy expert video ads you can offer any expert to show their services and competence on your publication. And with option to add direct video call you offer also them a unique way of selling their services.

Video ads in 60 sec

easylive record media ads
Video recording

Unlimited amount of videos

Advertiser can easily record unlimited amount videos by themselves. Image to be displayed at the video ad is set by advertiser.


Length per video is set to 15-60 seconds and any device (mobile, tablet or desktop), can be used.

easylive place media ads
Video ad placed

Approved video ad being placed

Video ad is placed according to publication specifications concerning size and shape.


When viewer clicks, default CTA is set that viewer will open up the video card related to advertiser.


Video card usage

Video message to video call as option

Advertiser chose a main video but can add unlimited amount of videos on the video card.


Choosing to attach video call button, viewer can make video call to advertiser. Based on nature and purpose of the call, advertiser choose it to be a call for free or, a pay call.

Self service advertising

Easylive - order your video ad

Choose category & timeperiod

Easylive - Add company details

Add the company details

Perform payment for video ad

Easylive - Make ad payment record video

Create ad by recording video(s)

Easylive - video ad placement

Approved ad will be placed

Price model set by publication

Price and time period can be unique and different for each category. Thus can price also be set differently based on category placement.

Publication back office

  • With full editorial control ads can easily be approve or paused by a click.
  • When invoice is required, client can be registered manually.
  • With Team management users can be added for admin access.

  • Easy integration with APIs for reading data feed.
  • Interface can be 100% customized to meet publications requirements.
  • Payment is secured utilizing Stripe.
  • Automatic settlement of net debit as advertiser make a payment.
Easylive byebuy platform
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Price model - publication

Cost for usage is based upon pure revenue share where publication share is 85%. The cost for publication is set to 15% the revenue from selling video ads within the system.

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