Any digital source works!

Utilize any digital source. Boost conversion rate using multiple sources for connection.

Use: Websites, Landingpages, Online ads, SMS campaigns, Emails, Booking system, CRM-system, Social media, Qr-codes

Get reached from any wesite or webpage anywhere

Landing page

Your visitors can connect in a videocall from your landing page

Online ads

Just one click on your online ads for a videocall with you.

Social media

Get videocalls from anywhere at any social media at your choice.


Utilize SMS/ SMS-campaigns for videocall connections.


Place your videocall link in your emails or email campaigns.


Integrate to your CRM-system, actually any system you use.

Booking system

Attach to any booking system you may use.


Initiate videocalling with you from your own unique qr-codes.