LiveConnect Web

Easiest videocall on market


The only thing needed to make a videocall is a webcamera, microphone and an internet connection. Caller reach you from any smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop at their chocice and can then use any system, such as Android or Apple, Mac or Windows.

Videocalls direct from your website



Your customers are visiting your website because they are interested in your products or services.


Let your visitors videocall you direct from your website. May it be sales, service or support, you decide how, why and when.

All calls are encrypted


To ensure your privacy all videocalls are encrypted. Nobody apart from partakers can see your videocall.

How it works

As registered user of LiveConnect you get a personal videocall link.


Placing this link on your ad, customer reach you direct in a videocall.

Use any online ad

You can use any ad at your will and as many you want simultaneously.


Use ads on eg: Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, blog, newspaper etc…

One click to call

LiveConnect-Call is simple and requires nothing more than a click from caller.


Caller does not have to download any app or software

One click to answer

LiveConnect-Call is simple and requires nothing more than a click to answer.


You decide from where people should be able to reach you.

iOS/ Android

Works with Iphone to Android or the other way around!

Cross platform

Use desk top/ laptop/ tablet or smart phone

No download

Don't force your customer to download



Boost conversion rate while using multiple sources!

Utilize any online digital source. Boost conversion rate using multiple sources for connection.

Use: Websites, Landingpages, Online ads, SMS campaigns, Emails, Booking system, CRM-system, Social media

Get reached from website from any page anywhere.
Landing page
Use power of videocalls direct from your landing page.
Online Ads
Boost your conversion rate with videocalls direct from your ads online.
Soc media
Utilize videocalls from anysocial media at use.
Implement LiveConnect in your SMS sendout or campaign.
Implement LiveConnect in your email sendout or campaign.
Booking system
Attach your videocall in your booking system
Integrate LiveConnect into your CRM-system.