Video testimonials - How to get success from your video testimonials

If you want to get real value from your testimonials you need to use video testimonials.


With video you enhance the value of your testimonials by showing the real person behind. That way your testimonials will reach a deeper dimension and a much more emotional appeal.

Showing example for video testimonial

To ensure success you need to take charge over the whole process, from planning to execution and usage. But then it is important that execution and usage is managed in easiest way possible.

Video testimonial process

Video testimonial process

The trick for success is that you use an automated process that integrates recording and usage. Both for you and your customer.

1. Record your video

The first video that you need to record is your own.


The main purpose for this video is to catch your potential client’s interest. The content of the video might focus on selling, market or simply communicate your product, service, expertise, webinar, fair… etc.

The second purpose for same video is to get your current customers to testify in your favor. Therefore, it is important that your content will not make loyal customer unease to witness.


No matter what business your in, choosing to do a “wider” video where you express eg. what you do and how will always work. Then the narrower you get talking about eg. a specific product, means that you most probably also will have to filter to find possible customers for your video testimonials.

It is easy to record your video suitable for your testimonials with our system Byebuy.


You may also place several videos in a gallery where each testimonial ends up under each video it belongs to

Example of a video testimonial.
2. Invite your loyal customers

When inviting your clients, – don’t be careless.


No customer of yours likes a slobby written request to become your ambassador. Be polite and explain why you would appreciate them to record their video testimonial.


And also very important, describe how and where you want to use it. Make sure your invitation is toned in a way that reflect your company and its values. It needs to be designed so that your recipients recognize how appreciated and valuable they are being your customer. The more personal you can be the better it is.


If you as company have individual relations with your customers it is strongly advised that you use your sales force to send out. your invitations. Doing it right, it is a great moment to contact your loyal customers as to show your appreciation for being your customer.

Share your video in your invitation the way you prefer. It can be a personal mail, mailing system, SMS etc.


With Byebuy your invitation presents easy access to your video together with immediate access for yours customer to record their testimonials

Example of a video testimonial.
3. Customer record their testimonial

The Nr. 1 success factor for your video testimonials is how easy it is for your customer to record their testimonial. Setting up a complicated procedure that takes time for your customer creates irritation and may even result in a backlash with negative feelings towards you and your brand.


Although you should not steer them of what to say in their video but it is advised that you at least direct them with some examples. Being clear this way you erase any potential unease for customer.  And instead you customer gets more secure of what’s expected.


So remember,  as you actually ask your customer to spend some time on this, it has to be easy to make the recording itself.

  • 70% of B2B buyers cite company reputation as the most influential factor when choosing which company to do business with. (LoSasso)

  • 2/3 of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product or service helped someone like them. (Wyzowl)

When watching your video customers can themselves add their video testimonial.


There’s no need to download.


Only thing you customers need to do is to login with a PIN sent to their mobile. Everything is integrated and it takes place in one automated process within

Byebuy- platform. Your customers do not even leave the page

Example of a video card with video testimonials included.
  1. You record your video
  2. You invite your clients
  3. Client record testimonial

Check out example

2. 4. Versatile usage of video testimonials

Now as you have your testimonials ready, question is where you should use them.


The easy answer to that question is “you use your video testimonials where your potential customer finds you”. But also, you use them when you are in direct communication with customer. The more places you choose to use your video testimonials  the better it is.  Every time and everywhere you have created an interest for you offer, you can easily back it up with your customers own words.

Use your testimonials on your website homepage, on a product or service page, on a landing page, on social media, add them to your emails, online ads, campaigns, google search, your offers, your booking page, booking confirmation etc.

With Byebuy, the process for video testimonials becomes easy. Also usage is easy. And there’s no limit of where you can share and place your video testimonials. Start with one place and add next and next, it is easy.

Some examples of where to use video testimonials

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  1. You record your video
  2. You invite your clients
  3. Client record testimonial

Check out example


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