Sales advantage

First impression lasts – show yourself and your products and narrow decision process.

Increase customer satisfaction

As you have the answer to “if you could only show me”.

New Service level

Just one click – for patient, client or customer to meet someone solving the problem.

iOS/ Android

Works with Iphone to Android or the other way around!

Cross platform

Use desk top/ laptop/ tablet or smart phone

No download

Don't force your customer to download



Product portfolio

LiveConnect is a patent pending system that can be applied on all your digital touch points.
LiveConnect – Call

Is simple and requires nothing more than answering your mobile phone.

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Call is simple and requires nothing more than a click and an answering on your mobile phone



With our state of the art technology for video calling we are breaking new grounds bringing new values to video. Our patent pending platform offers unique values of easiness and areas of use.

LiveConnect – Ads

LiveConnect Ad erases bounce rate from online advertising”.

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Minimize your bounce rate from online advertising.





With LiveConnect-Ad you get in driver seat immeadiately as your customer clicks on your ad. The advantage of meeting your customer right from a click on your ad is price less.

LiveConnect – Web

Use it for sales service or support. Seamless choice of chat/ talk/ video.

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Setup on a web enables a seamless package of service at your choice





With LiveConnect placed at your website, you decide yourself chat, audio or video. Use it for sales service or support. Sometimes “if  you only could please show me” could be a crucial matter for a satisfied customer.

As is!

You receive a code to place on your website.

White label!

White label - customized for your website.


Full integration into your own systems at use.

Media bureaus & Advertising agencies

Skyrocket your sale!

Skyrocket your sale with easy up-sale to existing customers. 

LiveConnect means an unique added value to all your customers. An easy up-sale to your existing customers!  

Try a video call by clicking! 

Company contact

Being a commercial company interested in our products and want more information contact us today!

Non commercial organisations 

Working for a municipality, government or a non profit organastion, contact us to explore the values LiveConnect can offer.

All other errands

All other questions you might have related to us, our products or services are all welcome.

Competitive advantages!

With unique areas of usage we put you in the driver seat before your competitors.

Sales advantage

The value of LiveConnect from a sales perspective cannot be over estimated. When customers contact you in a video call, it gives an unbeateable chance to show you or your products from the best side. Trustworthy sales persons are favored by customers.


May it be sales directly or a pre-meeting for the physical one, with the ability to show upon request customer gets satisfied and closer to next step.

No need to force your customer to download any app nor software!

Hair dresser…
Real estate…
Car sales…

Easy access!

The ability of a smooth video call opens up new possibilites and values. You use it for the purpose of consultation, appointments and reporting. That goes for both internal and external use. But we also see a in sector for health & care, the use for social purpose.


With just one click patient, client or customer is able to meet someone to solve the problem. 

No need to force your customer to download any app nor software!

Support & service…
Doctors online…
Senior care.

Support benefits

LiveConnect applied to click and show saves you time, irritation and customers. It’s the perfect solution to be applied for all cases where you say or think ” if you could only show me”. With LiveConnect your willingness and possibility to support your customers goes hand in hand.


LiveConnect may be the difference turning discontent customers.

No need to force your customer to download any app nor software!

Insurance and repairs…
Things brake down…
Sometimes it’s panic…

Offered values

For internal and external use of video call in a business perspective.