Most common questions

What is the monthly cost

There is no monthly cost! You only pay for value you get. 

What's the cost for usage?

It's like google ads. But instead of paying per click you pay only for actual views.


You buy packages with a number of credits. The credits can be spent on the activities you choose eg. views.

For more info see pricing →

How does the credit model work?

Each activity has a pre-set value of credits.

  • Video views - x credits
  • Video comment views - x credits.
  • Video click (CTA options) - x credits

For more info see packages →

What's the video length?

Minimum length for your video is 15 sec. Maximum length is 15 min. 

What are the options for sharing?

Using your personal link you are able to share your videos any where on what we call the "digital universe". And with the inbuilt feature for Qr-code you can even make you videos accessible from printed material of yours. For more info see pricing →

As soon as your videos are live anyone that sees them can easily share them where they want.

What are the CTA options for video?

Each time you share a video you may also choose settings for CTA.

Inbuilt options for video are:

  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Book now
  • Shop now
  • Download

What is required to make a video comment?

Only thing required to make a video comment is to fetch and type in a PIN that will be sent after entering your mobile number.


There is NO need to download any system nor app.

Who approves a video comment?

You as owner of the account and video choose setting for your video comments. You may choose them to be automatically approved or manually by you.  

You may choose to get push notice for either a video comment that has been made or  a video comment that is awaiting to be approved.