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Streaming on several websites where you pay only for viewers on your website.

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Short videos showing you how to make success of interactive Live & Video

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Terms and Conditions



This page describes how personal data is collected and used by the Bye Buy service. The declaration has been prepared in accordance with the EU Data Protection (GDPR). By using this site you agree to the use of information about you described in this Privacy Statement.





Personal data is information and assessments that can be linked to an identifiable individual. This may be name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address and purchase and behaviour history. You are not required to enter data such as name, address, zip code and city.If you enter data such as name, address, zip code and city, this information will not be shared with any 3rd persons.





We use appropriate security measures to protect personal information under our control against unauthorized access, retrieval, use, disclosure, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal.





The companys management, represented by the general manager is the responsible manager for the processing of personal data.





While downloading, users can freely use the app in those areas that do not require identification.We do not store any centralized data in this case and in case of uninstallation, we do not retain any information. When using services that require login, we only keep transactional data stored centrally. When creating an ad, media files and text data are stored centrally.All other data such as chatting, location storage and contact lists are only stored locally and are removed automatically upon uninstallation. Video streams user to user are not stored on our servers.





If the user wishes to delete a verified account, this has to be requested by data including media files will then be deleted except for the transaction connected with payment against a credit card.This is reasoned by the Act on the storing of accounting documents.You are entitled to be able to delete all our information about you without notice, as long as we are not required to store it.You can contact us regarding this matter and cancel your customer relationship by email to ByeBuy.





For questions about the privacy statement or other privacy related questions, please contact





ByeBuy is a service that may be helpful for two parties to use to enter an agreement on the handing over of goods/objects or purchase of services, etc.



By using ByeBuy, the users will at all times be responsible according to ByeBuy’s current rules. The rules are updated on a regular basis and users are responsible for keeping themselves updated.



ByeBuy is not a contracting party in agreements entered when using the service. The responsibilities are placed on the parties themselves that enter the agreement by accepting the deal between two parties through Byebuy.



ByeBuy has no liability to neither buyers nor sellers in connection with the agreements entered by the parties. This further implies that ByeBuy has no liability in relation to the content of the agreements the parties agree upon, including the condition of the sales object, the implementation of the agreement and settlement between the parties under the agreement entered into. ByeBuy must not be presented to users of the ByeBuy as users representative or any person similar. The user is responsible for how goods or services are manufactured through the ByeBuy service.



The description of the item or service offered should only describe the item or service being sold/ offered.Other messages are not allowed, including the use of text or pictures where the purpose is to display other products or services and product endorsements or information not related to the item or service. If an illustrated photo is used, the advertisement must inform you about this. Text or images that can be perceived as offensive are not allowed and will be removed. Opinions or information that not applying to the specific object is not allowed. You also agree not to publish prohibited services / products listed further down on this page.



Anyone selling goods or services through ByeBuy must put down a maximum price and a minimum price for the item or service sold for ByeBuy.



Copying text or images from other ads on ByeBuy is absolutely forbidden. Furthermore, the use of other people s text or images in the advertisement without the consent of the licensee (see the Copyright Act) must not happen. If the content of the image can be linked to an individual, ByeBuys user is required to have explicitly obtained prior consent from the image to post the images on ByeBuys web sites, as well as having transferred the rights as mentioned above.



From the time when an agreement on the purchase of goods or services between the seller and the buyer has been agreed, the seller is obliged to pay a commission to ByeBuy.The commission is determined on the basis of the minimum price the seller has indicated for the sale through ByeBuy. ByeBuy will then receive a commission from the seller that equals 50% of the difference between the minimum price determined by the seller and the actual price the item(s) or the service(s) has achieved.



If a user of the service fails to comply with ByeBuyss regulations, including not paying the agreed commission to ByeBuy on deadline, or abuses the service for the sale of illegal goods or services or otherwise exploits the service for non-reputable purposes, ByeBuy may exclude this user immediately from access to the service.



If BuyBye has not committed intent or major intended negligence and the harmful consequences are obvious, ByeBuy is not responsible for the loss of the user for any loss suffered by the user due to improper removal of the users sales offer through the service.



Upon inquiry from the police or other public authorities ByeBuy may provide information about users of the services to these instances.



People under the age of 17 are not admitted to use the ByeBuy service.



ByeBuy reserves the right to pre-check all information provided in offers from users of the service.



Failure to pay to ByeBuy from a user may mean that the user is excluded from ByeBuy.



By using the service, the user agrees that ByeBuy can display ads on the video call landing page. These video calls take place in a browser through a shared video link.



Current prices are subject to change at any time with 14 days notice.



Byebuy is not responsible for the content of the individual conversations between users of the system.



By using the service, the user of the service accepts that the video link becomes public and accessible for everyone.



By using the service, the user also accepts that the algorithm analyzes, but does not store, active video calls for pornographic content, firearms and other repulsive content. If the algorithm detects content like this, the call is automatically finished.



The premises and business location of Byebuy is Fredrikstad, Norway. Disputes shall be settled under Norwegian law.



Gift cards or deals validity is stated in sales information for each gift card or deal. Duration starts from the date of purchase.



Byebuy AS does not take part of the agreement entered into between the contracting parties (two or more) who enter into an agreement through the use of the service. An agreement is only concluded between the parties using the service. is therefore not responsible for ensuring that the agreements concluded between the parties are fulfilled.



Byebuy AS is a provider of images and audio over the Internet. Byebuy AS is only a distributor of images and sound produced by content providers at Byebuy AS to the users of Byebuy AS.



Byebuy AS is not responsible for the content or quality of images and / or sound from a customer at Byebuy AS, neither the quality of the customer´s streaming nor the content of the streaming.



Byebuy AS handles ticket sales for the actual streaming via Byebuy AS´s website and app.The purchased ticket gives the right to receive the individual streaming via the internet and through Byebuy AS.



Distribution of streaming from Byebuy AS is not allowed and may result in compensation claims for improper use.



When purchasing tickets for streaming session from Byebuy AS, no right of withdrawal applies. Reference is made to the Norwegian Consumer Council, –



Every customer at Byebuy AS is responsible for the content of the production that is transmitted via Byebuy AS´s platform.The customer is responsible for data transmitted to Byebuy AS, including that the streaming is technically satisfactory for distribution via Byebuy AS´s platform, and that the product is otherwise of adequate quality. This means that customers of Byebuy AS themselves must ensure that these conditions are met, including that bandwidth is sufficient to transmit data via Byebuy AS´s platform.



Byebuy AS is just a technical solution for the customer to broadcast their production. It is therefore a prerequisite that the content of the production that is conveyed must follow the general rules for broadcasting content.



Given that it is the customer who is responsible for the product and what the customer communicates via Byebuy AS´s platform, it is the customer who is responsible for the content.This is a prerequisite because Byebuy AS cannot assess the content of live direct broadcasts or any transmission that customers perform via Byebuy AS´s platform.



Productions that have been planned via Byebuy AS´s platform and which cannot be completed or cannot be performed for reasonable reasons, the producer of this production does not have the right to claim compensation from Byebuy AS.



For productions where tickets are sold through Byebuy AS´s platform and for productions that are not fulfilled or cannot be performed, Byebuy AS is not obliged to refund the producer of this production.Ticket fees that have been received for such production must be reimbursed to the buyers of the tickets in such occasion. Any expenses incurred making such repayment will Byebuy AS pass on to the customer(the Producer).



Prohibited Products for sale and streaming

  • Pornography and sex toys
  • Illegal drugs, alcohol, e-cigarettes, tobacco, prescription drugs
  • Animals, fossils, skins and bones from endangered or protected species
  • Escort services, computer services and massages
  • All firearms, accessories and ammunition. Electric guns fireworks, tear gas, pepper spray and other hazardous chemicals or controlled substances
  • Games and games. Crypto currency and currency in general.
  • MLM and pyramid-like products.